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Bts and their WINGS plus GOT7 with their FLIGHT LOGS, god I'm in heaven WAIT OMG TURBULENCE TRAILER IS THE CONTINUATION OF THIS This car had an accident and all the other members died but Jinyoung. The plane is leading them to heaven but only Jinyoung survives. That's why he wakes up at the end. The camera rolls the same thing as in this video. Also Bambam's face is drawn with markers, proof that in Turbulence trailer that's his soul going to heaven. This is also related to Fly MV I think, because at the end all of the members go up to heaven but Jinyoung wakes up, because he is the only one that survived..


i wanna watch this, where can i find it online?

Departure=hunterxhunter im sorry

Damn army's, back at it again with accusing people of copying BTS! This isn't BTS, so kindly leave before a fanwar breaks out!.



por que? oque? oi? meu deus que confuso AAAAAAA


dasi fly fly fly

I don't know why, but this made me cry so hard. Especially the recordings. For some reason, I felt a shock wave of How am I going to live without them? These cute, amazing dorks? What are you going to do?. They are so precious and work so hard. Ahgase loves them to much. Fighting! We cherish you guys..






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